CBeyond Enterprises Announces Partnership with Follow My Steps Foundation to Prepare Under Resourced Youth with Career Skills


CBeyond Enterprises Announces Partnership with Follow My Steps Foundation to Prepare Under Resourced Youth with Career Skills

ORLANDO, Florida, April 13, 2021 – CBeyond Enterprises (CBeyond Enterprises) Worldwide, a career readiness and talent solutions provider of diverse emerging professionals for clients nationally across industries, and Follow My Steps (Follow My Steps) Foundation announces its partnership to combine passions to ensure that under resourced diverse youth receive career readiness skills before they enter college or the workforce.

This partnership will focus on collaborating with High Schools and their High School Senior population within the New England Region who receive services through Follow My Steps. This exciting partnership grants access to CBeyond Enterprises’ SOAR (Seek Opportunities Achieve Results) Bootcamp, which provides Soft Skills Professional Development Training and early career exposure in the form of Internships, Co-Ops and Entry-Level Jobs. The focus is to ensure that participating students receive career readiness training prior to and/or as they are entering their early college experience. It also provides a clearer pathway to early career opportunities as these young folks matriculate through their collegiate journey and into the career exploration phase of their professional growth.

Follow My Steps provides Mentorship through vetted professionals, Career and Skills Development access along with Financial Services in the form of scholarships and financial literacy education. It was a seamless decision for CBeyond Enterprises to combine its expertise in Professional Development to strengthen the success trajectory of the youth being served through Follow My Steps.

“This partnership just makes sense, especially when you look at our mirrored passions for youth development and success” said Cebien Alty, CEO and Founder of CBeyond Enterprises Worldwide.

With the competition for early emerging talent becoming more of a focus from employers across the country; it is vital to make sure that emerging professionals are developed as early as possible; so they are not lacking in the transferrable Soft Skills applicable across any industry. CBeyond Enterprises’ SOAR Bootcamp equips its Talent Pipeline with sought-after Soft Skills focusing on topics that include Resume Renovation, Level-Up Interviewing, Branding 101, Effective Communication Skills, The Corporate Game and much more. All participants receive a SOAR Bootcamp Professional Development Certificate validating their knowledge within the gained and enhanced Soft Skills.

“CBeyond Enterprises Worldwide has the potential to ignite a spark across the world by providing key professional skills to youth in search of their next steps. The most powerful mission we can accomplish is forming bonds that are beneficial for the ones that need it. Therefore we believe this partnership will lead to astronomical change in the right communities.” agreed Kashawn Sanders, President and CEO and Tyrone Williams, Co-Founder and Vice President of Follow My Steps Foundation

Follow My Steps Foundation believes in the power of unity and encourages others to reach back and help enhance communities as a whole. Follow My Steps has formed partnerships with select schools in Eastern and Western Massachusetts. All in efforts to impact the youth in under resourced communities. Their purpose is to present program participants with mentors that are professionals in their desired career paths. In addition to educating program participants on career and social skills, Follow My Steps also provides financial literacy education. Follow My Steps has been able to form partnerships with various organizations in efforts to increase the development of participants in their program. They are thankful for the partners they currently have and are excited about the many more to come.

Visit followmysteps.org to support the impactful work Follow My Steps is doing by Donating or contributing towards its Scholarship Awards Program.

CBeyond Enterprises continues to embark on similar partnerships as it forges ahead in pursing to contribute to the work being done in closing the talent and opportunity gap across industries. Employers, Colleges/Universities, Community Organizations, Clubs and Member Associations are invited to combine strengths to maximize our reach to the population of diverse emerging professionals across the country seeking access and opportunity.

“I applaud the young founders and team of Follow My Steps for being courageous enough to step outside of their own success and reaching back to support the youth within communities of need. This is a great example of impactful partnerships that will benefit generations to come” says Cebien Alty

About CBeyond Enterprises Worldwide

Founded in 2018, CBeyond Enterprises Worldwide is a for-profit Black-owned career readiness and talent solutions company recruiting, developing and sourcing college undergraduate and recent graduate talent seeking marketplace skills and career access in the form of internships, co-ops and entry-level job opportunities. CBeyond Enterprises partners with companies across industries of all sizes to strategically collaborate on tactical pipeline programming and strategy development; while taking an inclusive approach to talent fulfillment. CBeyond Enterprises accomplishes this by offering programs and services focusing on enhancing sought after marketplace skills ― while collaborating with clients to deliver diverse talent solutions. Learn more at cbeyondenterprises.com and connect on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram @cbeyondenterprises

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About Follow My Steps Foundation

Follow My Steps Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded in 2020 after evaluating the pipeline of success for individuals in under-resourced communities and concluding more needed to be done. Originating from these environments gave a great perspective to the founders on how fortunate they are to have achieved success in career and education. Follow My Steps provides youth in under-resourced communities with the opportunity to be Pioneered by individuals from diverse cultures, to provide key career skills and enhance financial literacy. Learn more at followmysteps.org and connect on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter