Corporate Strategist, Cebien Alty introduces Inclusive Training into Talent Solutions Industry through CBeyond Enterprises Worldwide


Corporate Strategist, Cebien Alty introduces Inclusive Training into Talent Solutions Industry through CBeyond Enterprises Worldwide

ORLANDO, Florida, October 5, 2020 – Corporate Strategist, Cebien Alty introduces an inclusive skills training model into the talent readiness and solutions industry, with the announcement of CBeyond Enterprises (CBE) Worldwide.

CBE Worldwide is a Black-owned career advancement and talent readiness company working with college undergrads and graduate level students seeking job skills and career opportunities. CBE Worldwide partners with educational institutions to deliver emerging professionals to partnering companies seeking trained and skilled talent. CBE Worldwide accomplishes this by offering a training bootcamp focusing on enhancing sought after marketplace skills ― while partnering with companies to support and deliver diverse talent solutions.

“I believe those who truly want an opportunity should have access to one. It is up to them once given the opportunity to make the most of it.” states Cebien Alty, Founder and CEO, CBE Worldwide

This is one of the reasons CBE Worldwide does not have a GPA requirement and is not restricted by career interest or major. CBE offers its SOAR Bootcamp to all applicants as a tool of equipping students with core marketplace skills. Applicants can complete the bootcamp and utilize the gained skills and knowledge to pursue opportunities on their own ― or be considered for internship, co-op or job placement opportunities with partnering clients.

Every applicant walks away with enhanced skills and knowledge they can use anywhere ― or they gain a pathway, opportunity or open door in the form of an internship, co-op or job placement. No one walks away empty handed. This is what Cebien says led him to cast a wider net into the diverse talentsphere ― to access capable students who battle added odds because of lower GPA’s, limited exposure based on graduation date and restricted availability. This population of untapped talent are often overlooked for simply not meeting a bullet point criteria. While CBE Worldwide also recruits high performing academic students, it aims to create an inclusive skills development ecosystem by extending training access to students who typically get denied. “Just because opportunities might be limited for lower GPA students, does not mean they do not deserve the same skills training and development a high excelling academic student has access to,” believes Alty.

Sometimes the skills contribution to a company between a 2.7 matching or outworking a 3.5 student is simply access to the opportunity, says Cebien. There are thousands of untapped and overlooked students in the diverse talentsphere ― because their perceived skills/talent contribution is wrapped around a GPA. While Cebien strongly encourages competitive academic excellence, he also seeks to create pathways, opportunities and open doors for students who are a few marks from the typically valued 3.0+ talent.

According to Prosperity Now. “The Road to Zero Wealth” between 1983 and 2013, white households saw their wealth increased by 14%. But during the same period, black household wealth declined 75%. Median Hispanic household wealth declined 50%. Cebien believes that as a society, if we are to make real strides in closing the racial wealth gap, we have to remove the unnecessary barriers that are not absolute deal breakers in accessing and bringing talent into corporations and businesses across all industries.

CBE Worldwide welcomes partnerships with companies and institutions alike who want to impart real impact within the marginalized and diverse talentsphere. Companies visit to request a partnership exploratory meeting. Colleges and Universities searching for a student training solution are invited to collaborate. College undergrads and grad-level students seeking skills training to enhance their marketplace readiness should apply today.

About CBeyond Enterprises Worldwide

Founded in 2018, CBeyond Enterprises (CBE) Worldwide is a for-profit Black-owned career readiness and talent solutions company recruiting, developing and sourcing college undergraduate and graduate level talent seeking marketplace skills and career access in the form of internships, co-ops and job opportunities. CBE Worldwide partners with companies across industries of all sizes to strategically collaborate on tactical pipeline programming and strategy development; while taking an inclusive approach to talent fulfillment. CBE Worldwide accomplishes this by offering programs and services focusing on enhancing sought after marketplace skills ― while collaborating with clients to deliver diverse talent solutions. Learn more at and connect on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram @cbeyondenterprises

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