Cebien Alty, CBeyond Enterprises Worldwide, Founder and CEO is an optimist who believes if a person has the vision to see beyond their current situation, that is their greatest gift. With a desire to expand his impact and reach as many individuals as possible, Cebien Alty founded and became the CEO of CBeyond Enterprises Worldwide with the goal of providing services and programs that inspire, promote and develop individuals into their best selves. As a business strategist, speaker, skills trainer and mentor ― his ultimate goal is to create pathways, opportunities and open doors to help others become the best version of themselves, accomplish goals and realize their dreams.

"I believe that we all have the ability to manifest our dreams into reality, if we simply decide that we want to"
- Cebien Alty, Founder and CEO, CBeyond Enterprises Worldwide

Corporate Strategist, Empowerment Speaker, Career Development Coach and Mentor, Cebien has an insistent passion to help individuals succeed. As the oldest of seven siblings, growing up, Cebien has always been responsible for looking after others and putting others first. His Caribbean cultural background intertwined with being raised in America makes for a unique perspective of approaching life lessons and becoming the person he is today.

Cebien’s commitment to high excellence sets him apart from others in his field because he does not settle for good enough or great; in everything he does and delivers, it must be amazingly excellent. With over 20+ successful years in the professional arena, he acquired a wealth of leadership, corporate and professional advancement and development knowledge, which helps emerging professionals bypass the pitfalls in the corporate marketplace. He uses his expertise to help emerging professionals catapult their success within any organization. Rising through the ranks within both for and not-for-profit sectors; Cebien overcame stereotypes, apparent obstacles and implied relegations ― gaining and building a reputable and revered brand within the professional ecosystem. He now uses his experiences to guide, elevate and educate diverse audiences across the country on how to perform with excellence regardless of preconceived biases.

As a corporate strategist, Cebien worked with companies across a variety of industries providing consultative services, delivering effective talent solutions alongside program development and execution.

As the oldest brother to six siblings and the father of three God-given children, Cebien is instinctively drawn to advancing the growth and development of youth. His work as a youth advocate and mentor is evident with his impact of fostering nearly 70+ young folks (2008-2014) while raising his own children. With the heart of a servant leader, Cebien serves on community and educational advisory boards that provide support to youth and the community at large.

Endlessly evolving, Cebien believes that every individual who wants an opportunity deserves access to one. Once an opportunity is given, it is up to the individual to make the most of it. CBeyond Enterprises Worldwide was formed to create pathways, opportunities and open doors for those who want one. CBE Worldwide is here to support individuals, students, companies, educational institutions and communities through partnership and collaboration.

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