Seek Opportunity Achieve Results (SOAR) Bootcamp is our intensive Soft Skills Professional Development training. SOAR Bootcamp is designed to equip young emerging professionals at any stage of their development; with skills employers are looking for in their current and future team members. Whether you are a college undergrad or graduate-level student seeking career exploration support - SOAR will catapult your business and career aptitude to another level with applicable and practical skillsets.


Participants are on-boarded to our company, benefits, expectations, process and how to take advantage of the SOAR Talent Pipeline and Bootcamp Program offerings. Participants will understand the differentiator that makes CBeyond Enterprises the go-to for career and talent training.

Participants learn how to navigate through the corporate environment and make a positive and impactful impression. Getting equipped with the business skills that lend themselves to team members getting noticed, participants will engage in interactive activities that focus on demonstrating how core soft skills.

Nowadays brand and image management is just as important as executing a successfully interview. Employers no longer take the interview experience at face value; it now includes exploring what potential team members “brand” is out in the social marketplace. Through Brand Management, participants learn the importance of ensuring they are representing themselves in a non-risk manner both personally and professionally while staying true to their authentic selves.

Getting an interview usually starts with an impressive resume, however this workshop will not only train participants how to highlight the most relevant skills; but takes the “resume” concept to a another level. Learn how to digitally transform your resume and articulate your story to an employer. Participants will also learn how to use industry jargon to demonstrate the transferable job skills from your previous work experiences.

Participants learn how to effectively articulate what is on their resume in the interview process. Translate what is on paper during the interviewing process and learn how to successfully verbalize the skills and attributes as they relate to the associated job opportunity. Soft skills, brand management, resume development all collide to execute an effective and impressive interview. Regardless of the forum or platform (in-person, phone or virtual), participants will gain confidence in expressing their fit for the opportunity.

Participants learn how to effectively communication in the workplace, engage with different work styles and how to approach obstacles. Enhance your communication skills which will aide you in individual and group presentations. Also learn how to compose effective written communication.

A fun and engaging skills-building experience, our SOAR Bootcamp brings like-minded emerging professionals together in a learning environment designed to equip and enhance core Soft Skills that can be applied to any industry. Our training bootcamp alone is worth submitting an application.

At completion of the SOAR Bootcamp participants are recognized with a skills completion acknowledging their hard work. Participants who successfully complete SOAR Bootcamp are also eligible for career exploration through internships, co-ops and job placement with our partnering companies.


Gain professional skills that you can take with you anywhere. Participate in training that will elevate and build your professional development and business acumen. Use these skills to secure an opportunity (if available) through the CBE Partnership Network or own your own.

Work with CBeyond Team to explore employment opportunities in the form of internships, co-ops or job opportunities provided by our partners. Opportunities are shared as they become available and are not guaranteed for any applicant.

Earn between $4K - $14K+ if hired by one of our partners. Pay and income varies by industry and are subject to employer guidelines. CBE Worldwide recommends pay scale to partners for consideration.

Receive career guidance and additional skills building through professional developmental training designed to equip you and/or enhance existing business skills.

Gain access to a network of like-minded peers, dedicated professionals, variety of business contacts accessible through our partner relationships, etc.


College Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors and Graduate-level students. Sourcing consideration is based on talent request by our partners.

College students must be actively enrolled in an accredited college or university. Technical, trade or vocational school students can also apply but are subject to opportunity consideration based on the availability of those types of opportunities becoming available.

No GPA requirement to apply, but some opportunities might be GPA restricted. Please note that opportunities are provided to candidates who are the best fit based on the requests of our partners. We do not make the final hiring decision and do not control hiring outcomes.

All areas of study welcomed. Please note that internships, co-ops and job placements are provided to candidates who are the best fit based on the requests of our partners. There is no guarantee that you will be eligible for opportunities by applying.

Applicants must be authorized to work in the U.S. without requiring sponsorship. Additionally, all applicants must be able to pass employer screening if applicable and required by hiring partner.




Know of a college undergrad or graduate-level student who would benefit from our SOAR Bootcamp? Refer them today and they’ll receive an invite to apply with no obligation. Help create access by sharing this opportunity.

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